Accelerator Program
Accelerator Program


My story is like a lot of others. I started into fitness because I wanted to improve how I looked in a t-shirt. If I’m honest, I really enjoyed that type of goal. Though that goal is now solely health focused. I still love to lift weights 

However running a busy gym with lots of members and a team can be stressful. I was, and probably still am a workahollic. I love to engage in my business and with my clients 

At that time though, my health started to deteriorate. My stress levels were rising, with that so did my cholesterol ,blood sugars and other critical metabolic markers all without me knowing


My lessons started the day I got my very first blood chemistry. I went to see one the best in the industry. Eoin Leacy! Eoin is and expert in nutritional medicine. My GP had given me the all clear. But I knew something wasn’t right

I always had a huge interest in the body, in using food to heal the body. I thought I had good understanding of nutrition and the body. But as soon as I was guided to look at my health from a new perspective I knew just how much I didn’t know

We looked through my bloods from a functional medicine perspective. Using much more sensitive ranges that normally used. Eoin found multiple vitamin an mineral deficiencies as well as poor function of my stress hormone producing glands 

This was the reason I felt tired all the time. This was the reason I felt as though I couldn’t deal with stress adequately 

I felt for a while these feelings were in my head or I was just making excuses. Now I finally had my answers

My family history unfortunately had some heart disease and cognitive decline in it. My father passed away at the age of 55

Learning about my body then, and seeing what I could do to prevent health issues form happening has changed my life. It has geared me up to help my clients achieve a deeper understanding of their bodies through a more holistic lens. With proper testing and nutritional medicine. I want to help them not only be illness free but to achieve optimal health


My Qualifications 

EQF Level 4 personal trainer 

200 hr Yoga teacher

Certified Nutrition coach from  Precision Nutrition

Certified In DNA analysis practitioner from DNA life

Certified advanced oxygen advantage practitioner

Certificate in blood chemistry interpretation

Certificate in the cell blue print

Certificate in Gastrointestinal clinical strategies and treatment application

Certificate in Neuroinflamation clinical strategies and application

Currently studying Nutritional bio chemistry

Currently undertaking an Msc in Clinical Nutrition

Currently undertaking my advanced 500hr Yoga teacher training